RBDLab 1.4

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Soon update with videos and details of the improvements. Here is a summary of the improvements!

RBDLab 1.4 Release Notes:


•         New full ui redesing.

•         Custom Collections.

•         Target Collection in a list, with icons for interact.

•         Now you can easily add your own custom collection to work with RBDLab.

 Module Scatter:

•         Texture Scatter now support Density mask that were painted with the paint tool.

•         Boolean fracture some fixes.

 Module Fracture:

•         Apply modifiers with high details, performance improvement.

•         RBDLab calculates the neighbor of each chunk. This facilitates the computation of constraints and also allows to generate much more advanced particles.

 Module Constraints:

•         Auto naming groups by type.

•         Increased considerably the speed of constraint creation.

•         Added the option to disable collisions in constraints.

 Module Activators:

    • Set yours animation Activators interpolation.

 Module Bakes:

    • Now can delete only the bake per type of particle in particle section or, delete only particles cache in all types in bake particles section.

 Module Particles:

    • New system for detect boken and motions, more easy to use and more exact.

    • Some fixes in filters mute/unmute.

 Module Collision:

    • Use new motions, and new Through Offset method, more easy to use.

 Module Smoke:

    • Some performance improvements.

 Module Tools:

    • Clear new motions attributes

    • Clear All Attrs clear neighbours

    • Bake UVs



Fracture Module:

The Fracture Module has 4 different fracture styles, perfect for every occasion.

Also, since version 1.2, it has the possibility of doing Edge Fractures, an impressive tool in combination with RBD Compound Parent (which we will see later).

Edge Fracture:

RBDLab Fracture Details:

The section to add high details is impressive. Its speed, and different tools and options, offer the user the creation of much more realistic fractures than a simple Voronoi pattern.

Physics Module:

In the Physics Panel, RBDLab offers all the necessary tools to perform realistic physics.

Use of advanced Kinematics:

you will be able to animate your fractures before the simulation starts. Very useful on many occasions.

Generation of passive parts, and animation of Kinematics by selection:

Set Passive                                                                                                        

 Set Kinematic


Very fast system of constraints. With advanced functions such as the possibility of muting constraints, or animating them, too. This offers incredible capabilities for simulations.


One of the most powerful and fast tools of RBDLab, especially since version 1.2.With Acetone, you can use a geometry to activate/deactivate constraints, activate chunks, or deactivate Kinematics. It offers an infinite number of possibilities, being able to have total control over the simulation.

Bake Module:

A module where you can quickly perform bakes of your simulations. Very necessary to work with particles and particle collision.

Particles Module:

To talk about the Particle Module, let’s first talk about the detection of speeds in each piece:RBDLab calculates the speed of each piece, when it gains or loses speed. In this way, we generate the particles automatically in each piece. 

The user will have the possibility to generate debris, dust or particles to simulate smoke.A complete Initial Panel allows the user to preconfigure their particle emitter, as the maximum number of emitters for each piece, the range in which it will work, or from what speed it should emit particles.

Once the particles are generated, you can completely configure their result. 

RBDLab automatically generates geometries that will be used as debris, which you can configure in an advanced way. Also, it has a tool to auto-generate your own debris.
A filtering system will allow the user to mute those particles that you don't want to be seen.

Collision Module:

In this panel, the collision of particles with fractures can be configured and activated. To be able to use this panel, RBDLab needs a Keyframe bake of all the physics. So to use this module, you must be very sure that the physics simulation is as the user wants.Warning: Currently, when keyframes are baked and then the viewport animation is played, blender crashes 90% of the time. We recommend to SAVE the scene before doing this step.The generation of particles' collision with fractures is a process that slows down a lot the simulation and speed in viewport. We recommend using this tool at the end of the job.

No Collision                                                                                                                                

With Collision

Smoke Module:

Smoke can be generated in this panel. In the same way as the particles, RBDLab uses the calculation of the speeds to generate a dynamic smoke, animating its density/flame based on the speed of each piece. In this way, RBDLab automatically manages when the fire/smoke starts and ends.

Emmiter Panel Domain Panel-Allows the creation of smoke from the geometry, or from the smoke particles generated in the Particles Module. The generation of smoke with particles is substantially faster than by geometry, but the result can be very different. The user should decide which result is closest to what he is looking for.

Motion Module:

In this module, tasks such as converting an animation into an RBD simulation can be automated. This makes it so much easier to create impacts.

There’s also the tool to convert particles to rigidbodies. Very useful for many effects, such as creating a "gun machine":

Tools Module:

In this module, the user will find different tools to solve problems that may derive from a misuse of the Addon's workflow.

Updates and Support:

All RBDLab updates are free, and surely, it’s the Addon that receives the most updates constantly, and a 100% dedicated user support.  Contact us to solve any problem in our Discord channel.

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RBDLab 1.4

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